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Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray 150ml

Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray 150ml

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Speed Dry cuts drying time BY OVER 30% with new technology that helps “squeeze out” water while also fortifying fragile, colour-treated hair. Unlike typical blow-dry sprays IT contains NO alcohol which can further dehydrate colour-treated hair.

Typical blow-dry sprays use alcohol to evaporate excess water, which further dehydrates color-treated hair. Instead of alcohol, Speed Dry uses a proprietary crystal clear polymer that acts like a shrink wrap, holding in essential hydration while displacing excess water, so hair dries more quickly without dehydrating. To help increase hair's elasticity and resilience, this formula contains a blend of keratin proteins panthenol and silk amino acids.

Blow-drying can cause color fade, but even worse: the stress of yanking and pulling can cause fragile, color-treated hair to break and split. So, the longer it takes to blow dry, the greater the potential damage.